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Tantra-Extreme Forum Rules (English Version)

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Tantra-Extreme Forum Rules (English Version)

Mensaje  2k40 el Vie Sep 19, 2008 4:23 am

IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please respect the forum and the autority in tantra extreme,and dont not mention any other server here.Thank you !!!

1. Create Sensible Topics/Posts
We do not tolerate spamming, racism, improper dialects like l337 speak or SMS talk, cussing, trolling, flaming. Anyone caught posting any form of spamming including posting/creating topics of the same content or idea (flooding) and the rest mentioned will be penalized accordingly and the thread/post will be closed or deleted without prior notice.

2. Avoid Out of Topic Threads/Topics
Out of topic threads/posts in main categories will be deleted. Out of topic threads includes any topics that is not related to Tantra. Limit your out of topic replies to 3 maximum to avoid deviating from the main topic.

A designated section is provided for topics that are not related to Tantra.

3. No Game Master / Administrator Impersonations
Any form of GM or Admin Impersonations will never be tolerated. All those who will get caught will be banned permanently.

4. Discussions of Illegal Trades are not allowed.
Illegal trading includes ingame item to real item trading or vice versa, interserver trades, character selling and even scamming.

5. Discussions of Private Servers, Hacks, Bots and Tampering/Modifying the client are prohibited.
Please do not promote any such actions since this destroys not only the game but also the community.

6. Advertisement of Illegal and Pornographic websites/links is not allowed.
Let us be reminded that there are minors that are viewing the forums. Any form of illegal links (illegally downloaded movies, mp3, applications, etc) and Websites or Links with pornographic content will never be tolerated.

7. Flaming, Har***ment and Discrimination is not allowed.
Let us act like a community, avoid offending other people on the boards. Avoid posting derrogatory comments and cussing. Members found to be violatiing this rule are subject to muting and a ban.
8. Avoid Accusations or Rumors
This will only do more harm than good to the person(s) involved. If there are any reports about any violation or anything that doesn’t have a valid or concrete proof, it is best to private message the concerned parties first. If this concerns game violations, you could private message the Game Masters instead.

We all have the Freedom of Speech but it doesn’t mean we can abuse it. Let's be more civilized in posting. Remember that whatever your complaints are, Rule #1 and the rest will still apply.

9. Regulate Your Signatures
Limit the resolution of your signatures to 500x300 pixels, that includes normal-sized text and all images. Please limit image signatures to one or a combination of small images that total to the maximum file size and dimension. Do not use heavy animated GIFs.You cant not use Obsene language image or any bad words on a signature as avatar,these things are not allowed.

10.About players Treatment with GMs:
-You cannot make suggestions to GMs that jugde their job in game or forums.
-You cannot talk about Servers eXtreme Staff,to jugde them,to menace,using sarcastic way to post,inappropiated language,blaming them,etc.
-You cannot disrespect them in any case or situation,if you dare to do it,the permanently ban will be aplied in forums and game without exception.
-You cannot cross the line and distance between one player with the GM,talk to them with high respect,since they are those,who works hard to give you all,the best service servers eXtreme can offer.
-You cannot create threads as comment or poll to talk about one GM or any staff member.
-You cannot discuss in an agressive way with any GM or Staff member,their words,are the last ones.
You have freedom to choose where,and with who do you play,choose it respecting the rules,if there is something you are not agree to leave or stay still up to you,not depending on GMs moves or job.This is,and will continue being a Free Server To Play.

The Tantra-Extreme Forums now uses an automated script to check and remove signatures that exceed the maximum allowed dimensions. Please resize accordingly when prompted.

Those found violating the Forum Rules and violate the Tantra Online Terms of Service shall be given sufficient sanctions on a Moderator/Administrator's discretion. Bans, Mutes and Warnings shall be given and if violations persist, IPs will be traced and will affect game account sanctions.

Tantra-Extreme Forum Rules .

New spam rule:

To all those spammers in forums,who only open threads nonsense,spamming,replying without topic or reasons for,all those who dont mind the GMs or moderators warning,will get the penalty of post0.
It means as is clear,that all your post will be deleted and back to 0,in case you broke the rule,or you keep spamming,posting threads without respect,the account will be deleted.



Cantidad de envíos : 46
Edad : 32
Localización : Argentina. Msn, Casa o game xD.
Humor : Animado xD. Adaptado a la circunstancia =).
Fecha de inscripción : 15/09/2008

Nombre: Bizarre
Raza: Yaksa - Nakayuda
Lvl: A100

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